Whole30 Day 1

3 Mar

It’s Ash Wednesday and I decided that I will do Whole30….(or Whole40 )to get my health together. I want to say that for the most part I eat pretty clean, except for my bad days. When I have my bad days I eat A LOT, and then I have to suffer the consequences such as joint pain, heart palpitations and just feeling like complete and utter crap. This made me realize that I have food sensitivities, but am not exactly sure to what? It could be either gluten or dairy! This Whole30 is going to be pretty tough! I have a sweet tooth and ice cream/frozen yogurt are my weaknesses!

So I did most of my grocery shopping at Walmart. I did a lot of research before going to the store. I did find some awesome Whole30 compliant finds at Walmart like spicy mustard or guacamole. You can find a separate link for Whole30 compliant finds at Walmart here. I’ll most likely be updating it throughout the next month as I find more whole30 finds! I mostly shop at Walmart or a local grocery store. I don’t have Whole Foods by me. Well I do, but it’s still a drive. I just rather go to something closer.

Since it is Ash Wednesday, you’re not supposed to have meat! This was probably the toughest part of the day, is creating recipes that are pretty much vegetarian. I did give up meat once for lent and failed halfway. There’s just no way I can ever be vegetarian. I ate salmon and shrimp, but too much of it just makes me nauseous. So for breakfast I made Zoodles Breakfast Bowl. It was simply delicious! I could eat this everyday! For lunch, I ate salmon. I’m not a big salmon person! Once in a while I will eat it, but like I said earlier, salmon makes me nauseous. And then for dinner, I made Zoodles with Shrimp Marinara. That was delicious!

So overall day 1 was not bad. I worked out in the morning at the gym. My personal trainer had me do arms today. I wanted to punch him! Haha! But I felt really good afterward! I love the sore feeling the next day! Anyways, I did not have any headaches and overall felt fine. For now, I am feeling very optimistic!

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