Whole30 Day 4

4 Mar

It sucks working on weekends! Especially super early. I got to work at 7AM. Made myself some coffee. I was super excited to try the Califia Farms Better Half Unsweetened Coffee Creamer I got from Whole Foods yesterday. Only thing that sucks is that it is unsweetened and I need some type of sweetener in my coffee! So I decided to put some ground cinnamon in my coffee and surprisingly it helped! It made my coffee taste better! So now I know what I will be doing! This is the first time I drank coffee since starting the Whole30. I’m not much of a coffee drinker anyways. I drink coffee probably once a week, so I don’t have to worry about going through caffeine withdrawals!

So the great thing about work is that we have a kitchen here. I work at a residential house with adults with developmental disabilities. In the mornings, they’re usually quiet or still sleeping. And I was working by myself, so I made them breakfast, and then made myself breakfast. I made scrambled eggs with onions and mushrooms topped with whole30 compliant salsa, sausage and tomatoes. It was delicious! Follow me on instagram @disfooddiary

Now for lunch, I made sweet potato fries with guacamole and salsa. You can buy crinkle cut sweet potatoes at Walmart! First time I saw it, I got super excited because I love sweet potato fries! This recipe felt like a cheat meal! But it wasn’t! It makes me so happy to know that sweet potatoes are whole30 compliant! I would go crazy if it wasn’t! Also I wanted to get protein during lunch time, so I ate leftover stuffed cabbage.

Since I had to work until 7PM (12 hour shift YAY!) I made dinner for myself too! I get to bring my own food, but at least I don’t have to worry about getting my dishes dirty at home. We have a dishwasher at work while at home I do not! Next place I move into, I am making sure there is a dishwasher. It feels like I am constantly washing dishes- it’s kinda annoying! Anyways, for dinner I was not as creative as I was for lunch. I baked some chicken and ate it with vegetables. Maybe I’ll be more creative with my dinner tomorrow!

I got home at 8PM, and pretty much just relaxed for the rest of the night. I got some reading done. I am currently reading Suicide Notes. It is a really good book! I definitely recommend it!

Overall, I had energy all day. Didn’t have this “hangover” nor did I feel like Kill All the Things either! I did feel a bit tired in the middle of the afternoon, but kept myself busy. I did have some cravings though for something sweet, but not enough to indulge, so I am very proud of myself. Let’s see how Day 5 goes.

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