Whole30 Day 5

5 Mar

Day 5 is here! Am I skinny yet? It’s only been 4 days, but for some reason it feels like I’ve been doing this way longer!! Maybe it’s because a part of me is obsessing over it…I am constantly looking at instagram hashtags #whole30 or on pinterest looking for recipes. I’m even googling other people’s whole 30 journey. I probably shouldn’t do that…right?! I’m even following Whole30 support groups on Facebook. I guess you can say I am using this as motivation to stay on track.

I think I’m also starting to become a bit impatient to see results. I haven’t weighed myself but I do keep looking at myself in the mirror. I feel a tad bit smaller. Usually on days 5/6 is when I give in and indulge in sweets! Hope I can make it through!!

Well I’m back at work, bright and early. I made myself some coffee with the Califia Farms coffee creamer and cinnamon. I put way too much cinnamon this time….and now I feel nauseous because of it. Will not be making that mistake again!! How in the world did people ever do the cinnamon challenge?!

For breakfast, I pretty much made myself the same thing as yesterday. Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, onions & green peppers, sausage and tomatoes. It was very satisfying.

For lunch, I ate stuffed cabbage rolls. I have a lot of leftovers. So that’s probably going to be my lunch/dinner for the next two days. And I am okay with that because I find them delicious! And hope I don’t get bored of them soon! I ate a banana and 1/2 cup of blueberries to go with it.

I think about an hour after I ate lunch, I was freakin hungry!!!! I wasn’t craving sweets or anything, but I definitely wanted to eat again! Just then my coworker texted me asking if I wanted any coffee before she came in. I figured that would help with the hunger a little bit. She was gonna go to Dunkin Donuts…so I had told her I want Hazelnut coffee with no cream and sugar and to make sure to get the hazelnut shot and not the swirl….she ended up getting the swirl. I didn’t want to tell her she got the order wrong since she paid for it, so I just pretended to drink it. I really really wanted it though!! I am very proud of myself though for not drinking it. I used to have cravings for Dunkin Donuts coffee and would get it practically every day, but then I stopped. I knew it was not healthy even if I didn’t get any sugar and would just get it with almond milk, but the syrups in the flavor shots are not healthy at all, and they definitely woke my sugar dragon.

Anyways, I got out of work at 4 and got home at 5PM. I made myself some leftover chicken from work with some Tessemae’s barbecue sauce. The barbecue sauce was actually pretty good. It’s not the barbecue sauce I am used to…and usually it’s honey barbecue, but I can get used to this barbecue sauce.

I was definitely feeling “Kill All The Things” when I got home. Just seeing that there was dishes to get washed really pissed me off. I seriously just wanted to throw a dish across the room. But then I ate, and felt a bit better and didn’t feel so angry anymore. I also got super lazy and got into bed. I wasn’t feeling tired…I just didn’t want to do anything. I had no energy. Didn’t even workout today. But then my brother texted me asking if I wanted to go to Trader Joe’s with him, and I got super excited and got a sudden burst of energy. So weird?! So I ended up going to Trader Joe’s, and just got a few whole30 compliant items.

One other thing I realized today is that I felt my libido increase. That’s great and all…but I am not in a relationship so it was kinda frustrating!! These are the times where I wish I had a boyfriend! It didn’t really help that I was at work too when I was feeling it. I felt it yesterday too but not as intense as I did today. I don’t know if this also has to do with me getting my period sometime next week. My hormones are out of whack! But I am just going to take this as a sign that I am on the right track with everything I have been doing so far.

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