Whole30 Day 6

6 Mar

So according to the whole30 timeline, day 6-7, all you want to do is nap! I feel that way. I slept so well last night and woke up feeling refreshed. Made myself some breakfast. I still have leftover sausage and made myself scrambled eggs. Basically today and tomorrow, I will be eating leftovers before going shopping and creating new recipes. I’m way too lazy today to cook something anyways, so this helps.

After breakfast, I just got super tired and wanted to take a nap. I have the day off from work so this helped. I got back into bed and slept for another hour. After my short nap, I decided to make myself some coffee. I decided to put a tablespoon of almond butter in my coffee mixed with the Califia Farms coffee creamer. Still can’t believe that I’m drinking coffee with no sugar!!

Coffee helped. I didn’t feel like taking a nap anymore and got some things done around the house. Finally folded the laundry….and washed the never endless dishes.

For lunch, I ate leftover stuffed cabbage rolls. I have two more left for tomorrow and then I can finally switch up my lunch! After about half an hour later I felt very nauseous and was experiencing blurred vision and just felt like throwing up. Of course I googled this because I google everything, and this is what I found out. According to the research I have done, my blurred vision is related to my blood sugar. Since I know it is not due to high blood glucose, it has to be low blood glucose. I believe this is the longest I have gone without eating sugar since I have started whole30. I had blood work done about two months ago, so I know I am not diabetic. Also I am not eating a lot of carbs either. Most of my carbs are coming from vegetables and fruits and sweet potatoes. I have been eating about 80g of carbs per day since starting whole30. Is that too low and my body is just not used to it?! I am basically having symptoms of hypoglycemia which include blurry vision, nausea, fatigue, hunger, weakness, mood swings, confusion, anxiety, sweating and dizziness. Well not all the symptoms, but sill. I decided to eat some green grapes to raise my blood sugar just a bit and drank a bit of kombucha. I am most likely going through sugar withdrawals! I have decided starting tomorrow I will increase my carb intake.

Dinner I ate leftover chicken leg from yesterday with Tessemae’s barbecue sauce. I can also change up my dinner tomorrow! Pinterest here I come!! I am excited. I don’t feel nauseous anymore nor do I have blurry vision. I just feel very lethargic.

I was gonna go to the gym for a zumba class but because of my earlier symptoms of blurred vision and nausea…. I was worried that I would faint or something. I was going to work out at home, but when I started too, my heart rate was really high and feel my body burning up- it kinda scared me. These are workouts I have done before and haven’t caused my heart rate to be up like this, so I just stopped. I did get at least 10 minutes in.

Overall, today was a weird day. I don’t want to go through this again. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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