Whole30 Week 1 Recap

8 Mar

Holy crap, I survived the first week of Whole30. Yay!

Days 1-4 I felt perfectly fine. I did not have this “hangover” that others go through, but I did eat fairly healthy before starting. I did think I was going to have this “hangover” because I binged like crazy on Fat Tuesday….and I mean it was really bad. I ate so much things with sugar in it! I ate chocolate ice cream with whipped cream topped with chocolate syrup, I had coffee with the sweet coffee creamer, I had chocolate, cereal….It was bad. I don’t think I ever binged this badly before and while I was eating it, I knew I shouldn’t, but I just couldn’t stop myself. The sugar dragon took over me. Therefore, I was really really surprised I didn’t feel like crap the next day because usually I do. I didn’t even feel bloated the next day. I still find it weird. But hey, I’m not complaining- I’m glad I didn’t have any headaches or sugar withdrawals.

Day 5-6 is when I felt irritable. Day 6 is when I felt really weird. Sometime in the afternoon, my vision just went blurry. After doing some research and posting about it in the whole30 community, I found out it was due to low blood sugars. This was probably the first time I ever went with no sugar for a long time. I ate some green grapes to increase my sugar levels a bit. I really hope I don’t go through that again.

By day 7, I felt a lot better and felt more energy and just overall felt good.

I guess when I think about it, this week wasn’t so bad. If I can survive this week, I think I can survive the rest of the days. The only days I know will be a challenge are those days that I am invited to go out to eat out, and I don’t want to say no.


So one of the biggest reasons I am doing Whole30 is to find out which foods I am sensitive too. I have realized that on my bad days that I eat horrible, I will get joint pain in my knees and they would last for a few days. I am just not certain which foods they are though. I do know for a fact that one of them is from Dunkin Donuts coffee. And I never realized it before because I would drink them all the time but then I stopped because I would crave sweets for the rest of the day and eventually give in. Then one day I decided to order a Hazelnut iced coffee with no cream, no sugar, and no almond milk. I usually get it with no sugar and just almond milk. So I got my Hazelnut swirl iced coffee with no cream, almond milk or sugar. As soon as I drank it, I got joint pain minutes within drinking it. It was the first time that happened within minutes of drinking it. Since then, I’ve quit Dunkin Donuts (or at least the sweetened flavor shots!) Whatever is in that flavored shot is a no-no for me! And I have no idea what is even in it so I can avoid it in other foods. I am thinking it’s high fructose corn syrup.

Another reason is to lose weight. I know that’s not the whole purpose of the program, however, I have been trying to lose weight for the longest and had no success. I would eat healthy (I followed the 21 Day Fix meal plan), worked out and still cannot lose weight. Ok granted, I didn’t follow the meal plan to a T, but I feel like with all the workouts. I have been doing, I should have still lost at least something, but nope didn’t lose anything. And it’s been really really frustrating because my friend went on a diet but still drank alcohol on the weekends or would eat out most of the time, and lost 20 pounds…while I can’t lose anything. I know I shouldn’t compare but still it’s very frustrating. I also blame my body type. I have an endomorph body type so that doesn’t help. I am also convinced that it’s possibly an underlying medical condition. I do have an enlarged thyroid nodule. I got my blood work done and my TSH levels are normal. I went to the endocrinologist, got a biopsy done and all he said was that it’s benign and I have nothing to worry about. I asked what I should do to make my thyroid nodules smaller and all he said I don’t need surgery. Yes, I am happy that I don’t have cancer, but I am still frustrated. I still would have liked to know what to do prevent it from getting bigger since it did increase a little bit in the past two years. Also he never did my blood work to see if I have hypothyroid. I was just told that my thyroid is fine because my TSH levels are normal. I’m still not convinced though. My mom has hypothyroid, and based on all the symptoms I have read online I am convinced that I have it too.


Joining the Whole30 support groups on Facebook have been super helpful. When I was reading other people’s side effects during the first week, I seriously thought I was doing something wrong because I was not experiencing headaches, fatigue, and general malaise. I ended up finding out there are other people out there who have not experienced these side effects either, and therefore, has made me feel so much better.

You will definitely spend a lot of money during your first week. I got excited to go to the stores to buy whole30 compliant items. I ended up at Whole Foods just to buy whole30 complaint condiments and coffee creamer, and that’s the first time I entered Whole Foods in the past 5 years. I even went to Trader Joe’s to find some whole30 complaint items. But hey, most of these items should last for the rest of the program.

Having leftovers saved my life, especially on days where I was just completely lazy.

I’ve discovered my love for Kombucha. Never tried kombucha before this. I’m in love!

Who ever thought cinnamon would be a good “sweetener” for coffee with the Califia Farms coffee creamer. I actually enjoyed a sugar free coffee. I still can’t believe it. I even put a tablespoon of almond butter in my coffee, cuz why not?

I feel like I am constantly washing dishes. It’s very annoying.


I have noticed that my skin is clearing up. I only got one small pimple on the side of my neck but besides that it’s been pretty good, especially considering that I usually break out a week or two before my period.

I feel smaller. I haven’t weighed myself but when I look at myself in the mirror I feel smaller, which makes me feel better about myself. So I’ll take that!

I’m not craving sweets as much, and that’s huge for me! Usually, if I see cookies or chocolate in front of me, I give in, but I was able to say no this week! And I am very proud of myself for that!

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