Whole30 Day 9

9 Mar

I was able to sleep again! Did get a bit of anxiety but kept my mind busy by listening to an audiobook until I fell asleep. I also got my period today so now I know I was more emotional than usual.

For breakfast, I made two sunnyside up eggs with leftover eggrolls in a bowl on the side. It was delicious!! My yummy breakfasts make this Whole30 so much easier because those are the types of breakfasts I would have made prior to starting this anyways. It’s nice that this doesn’t feel like a “diet”.

Since I am on my period, I am HUNGRY! I want to eat everything!! I want something sweet! So I decided to make myself monkey salad, which is basically sliced bananas, blueberries, cashews, coconut chips drizzled with almond butter. That helped me satisfy my tummy. I know I know…monkey salad is SWYPO but it’s my period and I want to keep my sanity. I’m allowing myself to slide for today. At least I’m not eating chocolate even though I would really like some right now.

So I did eat a bit more fruits today. My sugar dragon came out today! I was really really trying to fight it. I might have snacked a bit too much on fruits and cashews…and not happy about it, but I am happy that I didn’t snack on chocolate or worse ice cream. I always go for ice cream during my period!

For dinner, since I did snack a bit too much, I decided to just eat some leftover chicken. I wanted to make sure I still got some protein in me. I promise tomorrow will be a better day with my eating. I know I did not follow the meal template today so well, but at least everything was compliant.

I went to the gym tonight. I got there early and did the stairmaster for about 20 minutes before my zumba class.

Not going to lie, today was a pretty difficult day eating wise. I blame my period. I feel like crap, and just hoping it will pass by tomorrow.

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