Whole30 Day 10

10 Mar

I slept pretty well last night and woke up feeling good. I still feel a little blah because of my period but no cramps or anything. I usually don’t get cramps, except once in a while. I did notice that I’m having a heavier flow than usual, so not sure if this has anything to do with my diet change?

Anyways, for breakfast I made three sunny side up eggs with a side of butternut squash and sweet potato noodles. I also made myself coffee with Califia Farms coffee creamer mixed with almond butter.

Since it is Friday and it’s no meat day on Fridays during lent, I made a tuna avocado salad for lunch. Just mixed 1 can of whole30 compliant tuna with some of the guacamole I got from Aldi and mixed it with a little bit of onions and tomatoes and topped it on a plate of lettuce. I also ate half a banana.

I got home around 6PM and felt like cooking. I was debating whether I wanted shrimp or salmon for dinner, but decided I wanted shrimp. I made myself Shrimp Scampi with Sweet Potato Noodles & Kale. It was really good!

I felt pretty good today. They say Day 10 is one of the hardest days but I didn’t feel that way. Tomorrow will be a challenge for me because I am going out with friends and they are most likely going to want to go out to eat. The thing is I have no idea where we are going out to eat, so I am going to do some research now on the Internet for some dining out tips on the Whole30. I will let you guys know tomorrow how it goes.

The only thing I realized different today was my bowel movements. I went more than usual today, and they weren’t pretty. They were pretty loose. I have noticed that I always experience more frequent bowel movements when I have my period. I’m not complaining though. At least I’m not constipated. And I’m staying in during this Friday night, so I don’t have to worry about using public bathrooms!

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