Whole30 Day 11

11 Mar

Hello weekend! My tummy is not happy at all with me today. Yesterday I have mentioned that I have noticed more frequent bowel movements. Well this morning was a different story. This is going be TMI, so be warned!! But I was having diarrhea this morning. This is probably my gut healing itself.

Since I am going out today in the afternoon, I was a little worried about eating breakfast. I don’t want to have the runs while being out in public. I just ate a banana with a tablespoon of almond butter. Not sure if that was the greatest option for an upset stomach, but I didn’t want to not eat anything either. Usually I would just eat toast or crackers.

After an hour, I felt a bit better. Since I didn’t have any protein, I ate two boiled eggs with some compliant mayo. Hopefully my stomach will be ok before I go out for the rest of the day. If not…well then I’m just gonna have to suffer. I’m also having some joint pain and I am not exactly sure from what. Everything I ate was compliant, so I am not sure from what.

So I went out with friends and went out to eat Chipotle! Yay! I got to stay compliant!

I was exhausted by the time I got home! All I wanted was a nap! I just binged watched Netflix for the rest of the night. I got hungry again so I ate leftover egg roll in a bowl with some salsa.

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