Whole30 Day 12

12 Mar

Whole30 has become a bit easier to deal with. Not really going through any side effects anymore and cooking became easier now that for the most part I know what is compliant and what is not. I am hoping that the hard days are behind me now. I am however wondering whether I lost weight or not.

Since I was at work, I made scrambled eggs with butternut squash, onions, yellow pepper and sausage. Yummy as usual. I honestly don’t think I can ever get sick of eating this for breakfast.

For lunch, I made cauliflower fried rice with chicken. The cauliflower rice surprisingly tasted really good.

For dinner, I just ate cauliflower fried rice and chicken again because I didn’t really feel like cooking anything else and I kinda wanted more of it anyways.

I didn’t work out today like I wanted too. I am going to get back on it tomorrow.

Overall, today was a good day. I had no cravings today! I haven’t had any weird cravings either yet according to the timeline. I wonder if I will…and what’s it going to be. No weird or crazy dreams either yet.

My next challenge will be Tuesday when I will be going out with my coworkers after work. They’re all most likely going to be drinking and I already know they’re going to be pressuring me into drinking! I’ve gone this far, I definitely don’t want to ruin it.

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