Whole30 Day 15

15 Mar

It is the start of Week 3. For breakfast I ate scrambled eggs and sausage. For lunch, I ate the last of the ground turkey with green beans. I also ate a banana with a tablespoon of almond butter. For … Read More »

Whole30 Day 13

13 Mar

I have noticed that ever since starting whole30, I have been having more dreams. They’re not about food yet, but just random dreams. I’m just glad that they’re not nightmares! For breakfast I ate scrambled eggs with green peppers, onions … Read More »

Whole30 Day 12

12 Mar

Whole30 has become a bit easier to deal with. Not really going through any side effects anymore and cooking became easier now that for the most part I know what is compliant and what is not. I am hoping that … Read More »

Whole30 Day 11

11 Mar

Hello weekend! My tummy is not happy at all with me today. Yesterday I have mentioned that I have noticed more frequent bowel movements. Well this morning was a different story. This is going be TMI, so be warned!! But … Read More »

Whole30 Day 10

10 Mar

I slept pretty well last night and woke up feeling good. I still feel a little blah because of my period but no cramps or anything. I usually don’t get cramps, except once in a while. I did notice that … Read More »